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Success Story of the entrepreneur in her word..

I started my business with a small unit by name “Saran Jute Bags” in August 2010 by purchasing 4 Industrial sewing machines. This was my start up and my first sale started in December 2010 with the support of Mr. Narsimhulu Garu, Promotional officer, National Jute Board Hyderabad.

I was so eager and afraid as this being the first sale of my very own product. But surprisingly I gave a good competition to my seniors as my products quality, prints, colours and patterns were different. An article during my first expo about me in ‘Start-up Entrepreneurs’ in The Hindu newspaper gave me enough encouragement while reaching out people across the city and state. Later many pictures of my stalls were covered by Eenadu, Namaste Telangana and Sakshi.
In my continued journey of 5 years, I have exhibited my products in several different expos in different places across the country. Saran Jute Bags products reached various people across the country and this gained me confidence in attaining Export license to reach the global market.

From each and every exhibition sales profit, I went expanded my business by purchasing machinery and gave empowerment to women by providing them employment. In total till date I have trained around 50 ladies. Back in 2010, I started by employing 2 women, and today I have 14 women stitching and 8 men working in various departments like cutting, printing and sales and I’m looking forward to expand my business more. My first year sale for 2010-2011 was Rs.3,00,000 and for the year 2014-2015 is Rs.42,50,000.

My Profile: I am Jaya Saritha, I have done my graduation in commerce and did my Masters in Hospital Administration from Apollo Hospitals Hyderabad. Worked as an Administrator in Rainbow Childrens Hospital, being a professional was Responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling all resource departments, I have also done a Business development programme for women entrepreneurs from Indian School of Business(ISB), Hyderabad.

After getting married I stopped working. Right from college days I was fond of using jute and I have learnt making jute handcraft bags through friends. I observed so many times while shopping ladies demanding for extra plastic carry bags for their domestic use. This made me think and think “Why plastic bags?”. Being independent in my lifestyle I felt like doing something to protect the environment from my side as a social responsibility, wanted to change people around me .

During my pregnancy thought of manufacturing of jute bags, I did not get sleep, shared and discussed with my husband and I wanted to start immediately. As I was pregnant my family members wanted me to start after delivery. But i was happy for the support.This gave me time to study about jute. After delivery when my baby boy was three months old started working on my thought, Then I came to know about the Jute Board, met Mr. Narsimhulu Garu , he explained me how to start.

Started my unit on my son’s name (Saran) “Saran Jute Bags”, as this thought was given by him. Being environmentally conscious, primarily established in order to replace plastic bags .Then I started with purchasing of machinery, material and training to women . So many hurdles in the starting, but did not stop, i was the whole and sole for cutting, printing, designing, sales, and marketing. Slowly improved in sales and manpower. In 2013 i gave birth to a baby girl ,being pregnant, i did huge cuttings of jute, participated in Exhibitions, did sales and marketing .

Now in this stage, i feel proud and happy to share my journey with jute, two kids, family and resposibilities . Gives me lots of inspiration ,when many budding entrepreneurs come to my unit for suggestions before starting up their own units. This story is to encourage and give hope to all who are in the same field ,it is important to remember that life does improve with determination and a great amount of effort by taking the initiative to take ACTION. I never dreamed about success i worked for it, but success comes only to those who are confident.

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